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Reach forklifts (also called aerial forklifts) are similar to normal forklifts, but they allow the operator to extend the reach via telescoping arms and other attachments.

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YearMakeModelCategoryClassPriceHoursLocationPhotoEquipmentMore Information
2012CATTL943REACH FORKLIFTFORKLIFT T/HANDLER 9K 40'-45' 4WD74000.006776.5SAINT ROSE, LAN/ADetailsMore Information
2011CATTL943REACH FORKLIFTFORKLIFT T/HANDLER 9K 40'-45' 4WD69000.005613BOSSIER CITY, LAN/ADetailsMore Information
2008GENIEGTH842REACH FORKLIFTFORKLIFT T/HANDLER 8K 40-44' 4WD42900.005179.8NEWPORT NEWS, VAN/ADetailsMore Information
2007JCB506CHLREACH FORKLIFTFORKLIFT T/HANDLER 6-7K 40'-44' 4WD28900.002630.4ANTIOCH, TNDetailsMore Information
2006JLG/GRADALG6-42PREACH FORKLIFTFORKLIFT T/HANDLER 6-7K 40'-44' 4WD35900.002764.4LAFAYETTE, LAN/ADetailsMore Information
2007JLG/LULL1044C-54REACH FORKLIFTFORKLIFT T/HANDLER 10K 4WD 54' TRAVERSE52500.004538.3ODESSA, TXDetailsMore Information