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Compaction and Concrete Equipment

Find the right piece of compaction equipment you need for your next job. Neff Rental has a large inventory of plate compactors, compact rammers, electric hammers, concrete and mortar mixers, compact rollers and concrete saws, along with a selection of other compaction equipment for rent.

Neff Rental also carries the best compaction equipment brands that you have come to trust. Our inventory includes brands like Wacker, Bomag, Multiquip, Hamm, Ingersoll Rand, Stone, Volvo, Hitachi, Makita and Hilti.

Compact Rammer

Compact rammers are designed for compaction in confined areas. They can be used on cohesive and mixed soils for construction or municipal applications.

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Compact Roller

Compact rollers come in a variety of options, including double drum vibratory, trench rollers and ride-on rollers. These rollers provide excellent maneuverability on most terrains.

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Electric Hammer

If you're looking for an Electric Hammer Rental, you came to the right place.

For those who are wondering, Electric hammers are ideal for breaking up pavement, brick, concrete or for the demolition of many other materials.

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Concrete, mortar and cement mixers come in a variety of sizes. Mixers help achieve the proper consistency of concrete or mortar needed for construction projects.

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Plate Compactor

If you're looking for a Plate Compactor Rental, you came to the right place. Plate compactors come with options such as variable forward and reverse operation. They are perfect for backfilling along foundations and compacting materials in trenches.

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Power Trowel

If you're looking for a Power Trowel Rental, you came to the right place. Walk-behind power trowels provide industrial strength concrete and mortar smoothing power and come in a variety of sizes.

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Saws & Grinders

Reciprocating saws, grinders and masonry saws provide powerful cutting and shaping power for your concrete or masonry project.

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