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Growth Industry

Our industry provides construction equipment to end-users through comprehensive rental services. We purchase our rental items from top name manufacturers of quality machinery with a focus on longevity and purposefulness. We not only supply the equipment to be used, but also the maintenance and transportation services necessary to get it where it needs to be, using our customer service experience to make sure jobs done effectively and efficiently.

This is a growth industry.  The many costs involving equipment ownership have slowly led end-users to recognize the value of renting. Over time, more and more construction companies and industrial users are relying on rentals as opposed to purchasing their own inventory.  This concept gains support year over year, which provides a growing opportunity for our niche.

What does this mean to a Neff employee?  First of all, it is exciting being involved within a growth industry because we have the sky’s the limit. We can provide security and growth to our people, not only providing competitive salaries but reliable, consistent employment. This leads to a lot of advancement opportunity for everyone employed at Neff.

Our industry’s revenues have grown dramatically over the past twenty years, which is great - but it’s not the only great news. Projections indicate that this growth isn’t going to stop any time soon. This is a fast-paced industry that will provide our employees with continuing opportunities for years to come.

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