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Tier 4: The Next Generation Engines

Tier 4 EngineIn today’s world, all sectors of business are finding ways to become more environmentally friendly while maintaining efficiency and work output. This movement also holds true for equipment manufactures building construction equipment. One of the greatest advances today in green technology for construction machinery is the Tier 4 Engine. A Tier 4 Engine is a very low near zero emission diesel engine that is at the peak of clean functioning and technological advancements.

Technology Behind a Tier 4 Engine

This engine utilizes high-pressured fuel injectors that inject diesel into the engine at up to 40,000 psi. This compares to older engines that only run at 300-600 psi. This markedly increased pressure allows the fuel to burn more efficiently. When dealing with the Tier 4 Engine, there are two models or a combination of the two listed that you may wish to research. The first is a “Cooled Exhaust Gas Recirculation System,” where the exhaust is fed back into the intake and then re-burned in the engines combustion chamber reducing nitrous oxides “NOX” from forming. With the addition of a diesel particulate filter this helps to emit near zero noxious gases into the atmosphere. The second type of Tier 4 Engine is a “Selective Catalyst Reduction,” design which runs at a higher combustion temperature, producing a more complete burn of the exhaust with the additional “DOC” diesel oxidation catalyst thus emitting less diesel particulate. To reduce the “NOX”, one feature of the Selective Catalyst Reduction Engine is the use of a diesel exhaust fluid known as diesel exhaust fluid “DEF”. DEF is injected in front of the SCR catalyst; converting to ammonia, breaking down the Nitrous Oxide particles, converting them into nitrogen and water. This process takes place in an area known as the “catalyst,” and it guarantees NOX emissions reduction to near zero.

Benefits of Using a Tier 4 Engine

The benefits of choosing to utilize these types of engines are great. Due to the drastic reduction of Nitrogen Oxide and diesel particulate, your company will be more attractive to green job sites, helping you secure a greater number of contracts. By the time the Tier 4 Engine is in its final stages, the emission of 25 of these machines will equal the emissions of one standard diesel engine used in 1996. In addition, as mentioned before, the high-pressure fuel injectors increase fuel efficiency. This will save you 8-10% at the pump. Tier 4 Engines have the capability to help the environment, secure green job site contracts, and save you money spent on fuel. It’s a mutually beneficial engine that has positive implications.

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