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Recognizing unsafe behavior and unsafe conditions

On job sites, there are typically two causes of accidents: unsafe behavior and unsafe conditions. While monitoring and preventing unsafe behavior is the responsibility of each individual and the job site supervisors, recognizing unsafe hazards is the responsibility of all employees.danger unsafe conditions

Some unsafe conditions that can lead to an accident include:

  • Failing to wear proper personal protection equipment
  • Horseplay
  • Using frayed or cut extension cords
  • Disregarding posted warning signs
  • Failing to follow proper procedures when entering a confined space
  • Poor housekeeping - everything should have a place and should be stored when not in use
  • Using improper or defective tools
  • Handling materials with sharp edges carelessly
  • Failing to follow proper procedures for setting up traffic controls in work zones
  • Failing to establish lines of communication between operators and ground guides
  • Working at unsafe speeds to accomplish a task
  • Removing a guard from a piece of machinery or equipment
  • Insufficient illumination
  • Unguarded trenches and excavations
  • Poor ventilation
  • Unlabeled containers
  • Spoil piles too close to the edge of a trench
  • Not enough fire extinguishers available
  • Improperly installed guard rail, or no rail at all

Whether you are a worker, supervisor or the company president, take steps immediately to correct unsafe conditions by:

  • Correcting the condition yourself
  • Reporting any major unsafe condition or action to the appropriate company authority
  • Reporting the condition again if it is not corrected

It is Neff Rental’s policy to ensure that all of our company employees work in a safe environment. Each of our branches, as well as region and the corporate offices have designated safety directors who monitor the work environment and take corrective action when necessary. For more information about Neff Rental, visit , or call 888-709-NEFF.

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