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Service Response Time Matters

careerWhen industrial firms, construction contractors, and oil and gas drillers rely on rental equipment to complete their jobs, they cannot afford downtime when the equipment stops operating. They all have deadlines.

Rental equipment failure on a job site can result in a cascade of delays that can potentially push completing a job past a deadline.

Interestingly, the term deadline originated from prison camps during the Civil War. It was physical line or boundary between a prison walls and where the prisoners were housed. When prisoners entered the deadline guards shot them.

Over time, the term evolved to imply the seriousness of an end date – meaning that a job needed to be completed by a set date.

In all businesses, deadlines are used to organize and complete tasks. Oftentimes on major construction projects when contractors continue to work past deadlines they are financially penalized. Although better than being shot, missing deadlines can have a negative affect on a business’ bottom line.

Rental customers should have the expectation that when they phone a local rental branch about downed equipment, they will talk to a person from the local branch, and they will know within minutes when a service technician will be dispatched to diagnose, repair and get the equipment up and running.

Response time is critical. That is why Neff Rental has hardwired a process for addressing downed equipment into its local branch operations. An after-hours call to the branch is forwarded to an on-call sales representative. The rep calls the service manager, who may call the customer to see if the problem can be diagnosed by phone or, if it cannot, may immediately dispatch a service technician to the job site or set a time frame for a service call. During regular business hours, the downed-equipment call goes to directly to the service manager.

Neff Rental employees understand that our customers have deadlines. By responding with an urgency to diagnose and repair downed equipment, we help ensure that you do not cross your deadlines. Call 888-709-NEFF or visit to find a Neff Rental branch near you.