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Phew, That Was Close!

Safety 1stCan accidents be prevented? In a lot of cases, the answer is yes!

Some construction, industrial and manufacturing companies draw upon the experience and intelligence of their employees through safety committees to discuss accidents that were near misses and accidents that were prevented through good catches.  Members can span the spectrum of all employees, or can be confined to a group of people. An advantage to having a spectrum of employees involved is to have safety advocates at all levels of an organization.

The committees’ recommendations for preventing accidents are shared with employees through internal newsletters, a company intranet, and periodic job sites and facilities meetings with a safety discussion component.

Sharing the information increases employees’ awareness of potential accidents and helps redirect them toward a safer behavior, while also establishing guidelines to prevent accidents from being repeated.

Safety committees often use a report of injury form as a way to gather accurate and detailed information about an accident. The form answers who, what, where, how and why the accident occurred, as well as an inquiry method for a supervisor or the safety team, and an area to describe the type and nature of an injury, if any.

Of particular importance is the question: How can future accidents be prevented? The accident investigation outcome recommends courses of action, including “Stop the Activity”, “Guard the Hazard”, “Train the employee(s)”, and others. It also has an area to implement the suggestion or suggestions.

Safety committees can have a central role in establishing policies to prevent accidents, such as administering job site first aid, winter driving and wearing protective gear. Continually sharing safety information in a friendly and encouraging manner helps reinforce workplace safety awareness.

Accident follow-ups as well as accident prevention recommendations by safety committees can help reduce accidents and ultimately have a positive effect on worker comp claims and a company’s MOD rating, or experience modification factor.

At Neff Rental, all branches hold safety meetings, discuss accident prevention, and have representatives who serve on company safety committees. Because Neff personnel work around earth moving, aerial and material handling equipment, we are very aware of the importance of personal safety, fellow worker safety and the safety of our customers. Find a Neff Rental branch near you or call 888-709-NEFF, we are ready to serve you.


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