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Overhead Safety

As contractors more frequently use mechanical means to lift loads overhead on job sites, the health and safety of nearby workers needs to be considered when operating forklifts and cranes.

Also, workers who are performing tasks near overhead equipment should also be aware of overhead hazards. A falling load can cause serious injury or death.

Crane and forklift operators must remember these basic safety rules to prevent accidental injuries or deaths:

  • Forklift loads must be carried close to the ground
  • Use tag lines on loads whenever possible
  • Use only one signal person
  • Be sure the signal person can clearly see the load and operator at all times
  • Never hoist a load over other workers
  • Keep the hoist area clear
  • Be sure loads are properly rigged
  • Make sure the hoisting and rigging equipment is in good workable condition
  • Never hoist material too quickly
  • Monitor weather conditions, especially during high winds
  • Be aware of power lines and poles. Power lines should be treated as being energized unless informed otherwise by the local power company
  • Never overload a crane or forklift’s operational capacity

Neff Rental delivers material handling equipment and crane trucks to its customers coast to coast. Neff Rental encourages its customers to operate the equipment safely at all times. For more information about Neff Rental, visit , or call 888-709-NEFF.

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