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National Fall Safety Stand-Down

To increase awareness of the fall hazards, OSHA is recommending that construction-related companies nationwide participate in the National Safety Stand-Down during the week of May 8-12 to raise awareness of preventing fall hazards in construction. Nationwide, more than one million workers are expected to participate in this year’s Fall Safety Stand-down.

Nearly one in four fatal falls in construction involve ladders, according to the latest statistics provided by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration.

Second only to automobile accident deaths, fall hazards pose the greatest risk to construction, agricultural, transportation and manufacturing industries. OSHA and the National Safety Council are encouraging companies to take a few minutes during the week to recognize fall hazards.

Suggestions by OSHA for a successful stand-down include:

  • Designating a stand-down coordinator to manage information and coordinate schedules.
  • Involve contractors, subcontractors, architects, engineers and others associated with your project.
  • Consider reviewing your fall prevention program, including the types of falls that can occur, fall-prevention improvement efforts, fall-prevention training, and fall prevention equipment availability.
  • Types of presentations that can be given.
  • Time and date to hold the stand-down.
  • Stand-down promotion.


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