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Safety First! Keep Your Eyes and Face Protected

Face ProtectionSome of the most delicate and important parts of your body are the eyes and face.

Without sight, you would be unable to fulfill many of the responsibilities it takes to work in the construction industry.

Did you know that 80% of vision problems worldwide can be avoided? Construction sites oftentimes pose a variety of threats that could affect your vision or face if you don’t take the proper precautions and safety measures. Here are some tips on keeping your eyes and face protected on the job.

Types of Hazards

When working in an industrial capacity, common hazards include flying objects, splashes from hazardous chemicals, acids, and other corrosives, dust, fumes, gases, vapors, swinging objects, electric arcing and sparks, and ultraviolet or infrared light. It should be pointed out that flying objects make up close to 70% of all on-the-job eye injuries, oftentimes by particles smaller than the head of a pin.

Proper Protective Eye and Face Gear

Protective gear needed to fully protect your eyes and face should be readily available to you at any job site, but different forms of protection are required depending on the situation. Concerning the most frequent danger of flying objects always choose spectacles or goggles with side protection. If it is chemicals you will be working with, choose safety goggles. If they are ventilated, check to make sure they are still resistant to splashing chemicals. Situations involving dust, mist, and gas require unventilated goggles or chipping goggles with eye cups. When facing radiant energy from welding or similar techniques, rely on welding goggles or a welding shield with special lenses that filter out the harmful light. And if you are dealing with a particularly busy or dangerous situation, include a face shield.

Other Helpful Tips

Some basic safety rules can make the difference between a successful day at work versus a life-changing injury. Always place a shield around an object that has the potential to become airborne. Furthermore, try and contain as many processes as possible. Keep in mind that other workers could be at fault for your injury, or vice versa. Looking around your work area for other workers ensures your safety and theirs. Finally, always know the correct protocol for what happens in various eye injuries. Knowing details such as checking to see if a chemical is water-reactive before trying to wash it off could make all the difference. The majority of eye injuries are avoidable, so take the time to protect yourself. For more information on eye and face safety or rental equipment, contact Neff Rental or call us at 888-709-6333. We are ready to assist you with your equipment needs. Image via: