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Need a Lift? Why Forklift Safety is Important

Heli_FG60PA forklift is a powerful piece of equipment for lifting heavy material. OSHA requires that every forklift operator be trained and certified to operate these machines in the workplace. Without proper respect and safety training, the forklift can also be dangerous.

Vehicle Turnover Concerns

One of the biggest potential safety concerns for a forklift is vehicle turnover. Forklifts weigh several tons to help counterbalance the weight of objects they lift and move. It is difficult to turn over such a heavy vehicle, but it does happen. To ensure that the driver is not thrown under the forklift, the seat belt must be worn at all times. Examine the equipment and the seat belt before use to ensure it is in top working condition.

Preventing Vehicle Turnover

Never carry a load that is heavier than the recommended lift capacity. Drivers can also reduce potential injuries by keeping their arms and legs inside the forklift frame while driving.

Collision Prevention and Safety

Forklift drivers often operate in close quarters with co-workers. Drivers should keep pedestrian safety in mind to avoid potential accidents. Honking the horn three times before moving the forklift, especially indoors, helps alert people around the equipment. To further reduce potential collisions, drivers should take corners slowly and follow recommended speed limits during operation. Always keep the forks at the lowest possible placement. This reduces the severity of a potential collision, and improves visibility while driving.

Before renting any piece of construction equipment, it is vital to learn how to use it properly, to read the operator’s manual, and to understand why safety is so important. Forklift training is essential to operate this piece of construction equipment safely and is required by OSHA. Many businesses offer training courses or will outsource an instructor to teach a class to insure all their workers are competent and qualified.  When in doubt, always consult the operator’s manual or your superior for additional instruction.

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