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Be Safe! What to do in case of an emergency

Emergency Preparedness "ready to go" kit.An emergency can hit at any moment.

Being prepared for it reduces the likelihood of your employees or customers suffering harm. Having the proper supplies and emergency equipment on hand is only part of being ready. Businesses also need to participate in drills and set designated meeting areas for employees if an emergency arises so it is important to be prepared.

Evacuation Drills

Planning for an emergency also includes taking part in evacuation drills. Your employees should not just read the procedure on paper. They should go through each step as if it were a real emergency, until the procedure become second nature. Depending on the emergency, your business may have multiple evacuation plans in place. During a tornado, employees should go to the lowest part of the building and stay away from windows. During a fire, employees should leave the building through the nearest exit, and direct customers to leave with them. It is a good idea to set aside at least one day every year to train employees in emergency procedures and evacuation.

Designated Meeting Place

The designated meeting place is something that many will remember from their schooling years. During fire drills, each student had to leave the building with his or her class. Each classroom had a designated area outside the building to meet up, so the teacher could do a roll call. The same premise applies to evacuation plans for small businesses. Each team or division should have a designated meeting area outside the building. This way managers can double check their teams to ensure that everyone made it out of the building safely.

Dealing with the Aftermath

You should only re-enter a building after getting approval from emergency services. Even after a tornado has passed and the sky is clear, there may be hidden damage in the building that makes it dangerous. The same applies to other kinds of emergencies. A building inspector can assist you in identifying damage for an insurance report. And if there is debris, you may need to rent construction equipment to help clear it out before making repairs.

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