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Having a work site clear, clean and safe

Having a work site clean and clear of piles of excess lumber, roofing materials, smashed concrete blocks and other discarded building material not only makes a site more manageable, but increases productivity and enhances overall safety.

bobcat-t740A clean job site can reflect the quality of the work being performed. When contractors make clean-up and removal an essential part of each construction phase, it enhances your reputation with your customers.

Leaving debris scattered across a job site can be hazardous to workers on the ground and equipment operators. The probability of trip and falls increases, as does the frequency of punctured tires. In addition, by organizing debris piles in designated areas, workers know where to efficiently dispose of unwanted material. Equipment is also more easily navigated across a job site without having to weave around random debris piles.

Using a skid steer to stack debris in one area of a job site for periodic removal helps keep the site clean and organized. Plan on using the same equipment or, depending on the size and volume of debris, an excavator, to regularly schedule removal of the construction trash piles.

Parking lots, sidewalks and paths can be strewn with nails, screws, wood chips, rebar and discarded construction material, as well as be a mishmash of muddy tire tracks. Using a tractor-mounted sweeper at the end of a busy work day or week expedites clean up and keeps the paved areas clear of hazards. It also creates a positive impression of your company’s organized appearance.

Pressure cleaning equipment is also a useful clean up tool. Washing down mud-splattered buildings, power spraying caked mud off of sidewalks and parking lots, and cleaning dust from windows not only makes the site clean, but creates a positive impression of your work when you turn the job site over to your customer.

Neff Rental delivers skid steers, sweepers, pressure washers and larger equipment to job sites for cleanup. Visit or call 888-709-NEFF to schedule equipment rentals when you need to cleanup your next job site.