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In Case of Fire, Be Prepared!

When operating any construction equipment, there is a possibility that the equipment can catch fire by coming into contact with a flammable substance. If this emergency occurs, someone should contact 9-1-1 immediately.FireExtinguisherABC

An extinguisher is primarily for operator safety. If there is an equipment fire, the operator can use the onboard fire extinguisher to put out nearby flames and exit the machine safely.

An extinguisher is used by pulling the pin to unlock the operating lever, aiming the nozzle, squeezing the trigger and sweeping it from side to side to cover the fire area.

Compact extinguishers are not made to put out large equipment fires. Such blazes should be left to professional fire fighters with proper equipment and training.

All earthmoving, material handling and lift equipment, and delivery and dump trucks are required to have ABC-type fire extinguishers within reach of the operator. ABC extinguishers are designed to put out Class A, B and C fires – combustibles, flammable liquids and electrical equipment – by dispersing a fine chemical powder that interrupts the chemical reaction of a fire.

Light-duty motor vehicles weighing up to 26,000 pounds are required by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration to have a minimum of a 2.5-pound ABC type fire extinguisher. Heavier equipment must have at least a five-pound, ABC-type fire extinguisher.

Before operating equipment, check the cab area or behind the seat to ensure that the correct-size fire extinguisher is strapped into place. Also, verify that the extinguisher is fully charged by reading the gauge. The needle should always be in the green area.

Neff Rental ensures that all of its equipment is equipped with the correct size and type of fire extinguisher prior to being delivered to job sites. We care about your safety. Contact Neff Rental or call 888-709-6333; we are ready to assist you with your rental needs.

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