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Beat the heat! A few tips to keep safe in the sun!

The hot summer months are not exactly vacation time for everyone. Those who work in construction and related fields find themselves out working under the hot July and August sun. Since the temperature can be a scorcher during these months, it is strongly suggested to follow a few tips for avoiding any hazards working in hot weather brings.

Stay Hydrated

Working out in the hot sun means you are going to sweat a lot. Sweating is a good thing because it allows your body temperature to cool down. Unfortunately, you lose a lot of water after sweating too much and that is never a positive thing since you can end up dehydrated. Sip water throughout the day when working. This way, you do not increase the risk of dehydrating.

Avoid Caffeine

Drinking beverages loaded with caffeine is never a good thing when your goal is to avoid dehydration. Caffeine contributes to dehydration while also increasing blood pressure. Neither of these outcomes is going to be beneficial to anyone wishing to stay safe during warm weather.

Wear Loose Clothing

The clothes you wear factor into your overall body temperature. You definitely do not want to wear clothing that is too thick and heavy since this can cause your temperature to rise to dangerous levels. Light and loose fitting clothing is going to be far preferable and appropriate in hot weather.

Listen To Your Heart

The old saying "listen to your heart" usually means pay attention to those things you have a passion for. In this case, the saying is to be taken literally. You have to listen to your heart rhythm because the heat can cause your heart to beat dangerously fast. If such a problem arises, take a break because the problem could be a serious one. If you have any concern, find a cool place or visit the emergency room because people have suffered heart attacks due to heat stroke inflicted problems. The hot weather can bring problems when you are workout outside in it. Take even the smallest signs of health troubles seriously.

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