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Why Buy New When You Can Have Quality Used Equipment

case-straight-mast-ForkliftWith the economy improving and more construction projects coming on line, company owners may consider adding more equipment to their existing fleet while continuing to supplement peak construction operations with rental equipment.

Many companies purchase used equipment because it costs less than new. But not all used equipment is the same. The quality of used equipment depends on the maintenance services that were performed by the previous owner.

Equipment rental companies are among the most reliable sources of used equipment for the following reasons:

  • Original equipment manufacturer warranties are retained when factory-prescribed maintenance is performed and OEM parts are used when making repairs. Rental companies carefully comply with these requirements to ensure that the equipment performs at the highest possible level and manufacturing-related problems are corrected.
  • Computerized systems are used to track maintenance cycles and repairs, ensuring that equipment is maintained to factory specifications and warranties remain in effect.
  • Service technicians receive factory training from manufacturer representatives, as well as take educational programs to stay abreast of the latest advances in hydraulic, mechanical and electrical systems. This translates into higher quality maintenance and repairs.
  • As equipment comes off rent, it receives a multi-point inspection of all major components. If the equipment needs repair or maintenance, it will not be rented until it is serviced. This rent-cycle inspection process ensures that problems are identified and repaired, thus preventing more costly future maintenance and repairs.
  • Superficial damage, such a scrapes and dings are repaired and painted to retain a newer look and to prevent rust.

Cost is also a factor when deciding whether to buy new or used equipment. Late-model used equipment can be 25 percent to 30 percent less expensive to purchase than new equipment. Acquisition costs are even lower with older equipment, but higher maintenance costs should be factored in when considering a purchase.

Neff Rental sells late-model used equipment through its branches coast to coast. A detailed list of currently available equipment and information about purchasing is online at Simply complete the Request A Quote form linked to the available equipment and a Neff Rental representative will contact you the same day or by the next business day. Or, call the branch where the equipment is located and ask to speak to the branch manager.