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Multiquip QP3TH Trash Pump

When you have trenches or pits on your job site filled with water from a recent downpour or a rising water table, there’s a tool that you can use to quickly extract the water and keep your job going – a Multiquip QP3TH trash pump.

multiquip qp3th trash pump


Perfect for a variety of applications – from dewatering to water tank and water truck use –the QP3TH trash pump can pump up to 396 gallons of water per minute through its three-inch discharge ports, and with a maximum lift of 25 feet and a maximum head of 98 feet. An air-cooled, four-stroke 7.9 horsepower Honda GX240 gasoline engine, fueled by a 1.58-gallon tank, drives the pump.


Are there rocks or debris in the bottom of the pooled water? Sticks, stones and debris easily pass through the pump, minimizing downtime due to clogging. The trash pump removes water with solids up to 1.5 inches in diameter. If debris is stuck in the pump, the large cleanout cover can be removed in seconds without tools.


Weighing 142 pounds, and roughly two-feet square in size, the pump is easily maneuvered around a job site by two people, or by placing it into a loader bucket.


Neff Rental rents and sells the Multiquip QP3TH trash pump at its branches coast to coast. When you need to dewater your job site, or for any other large and small equipment rentals, contact the nearest Neff Rental branch at 888-709-NEFF or visit