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TOUCHDOWN! The equipment you need to build a football field

Football Field ConstructionWhile attending any football game is a rite of passage for millions of people, how often do you stop to think about how the actual football field was built?

Rarely is a ground surface enough to simply put down sod or turf, add some spray paint, and call it a functioning football field. In fact, there is a detailed process that involves several pieces of large construction equipment.

The following is a brief overview of the beginning stages of construction and equipment suggested for getting the job done.

Stage One

The first priority in building a football field is to clear and prepare the site. This may require some demolition of existing structures and excavation of the land. Measure how large the football field needs to be, mark it off, and get started. Construction equipment such as excavators and backhoes are good for digging up and moving soil out of the way. If needed, you can also utilize an excavator with a thumb to help with most demo work. Dug up dirt, fill dirt, or additional materials can be placed into a 5-6 YD box dump or 14’-16’ flatbed dump trucks by a wheel loader, for easy transportation. If the terrain is rough on site, a 14 and 18 YD Off-Road Dump Truck may be necessary. During the construction of the field you may also need to use 2,000-4,000 gallon water trucks to create a malleable surface and for the initial watering of the sod. When this is the case, flotation tires are highly recommended. Don’t forget that a key element of a good field is a proper drainage system and all the aforementioned machines can help with this build.

Stage Two

After the field is excavated and filled with level dirt, a dozer can be used for grading, ensuring a smooth and level playing field. The same wheel loader used to load soil can be used without the bucket and with Pallet Forks or Block Forks instead, allowing easy lifting of new sod for the surface of the field or concrete blocks for building the area around the field. As is standard with any construction site, utility vehicles and 1/2 ton 2/3 ton pick-up trucks can be used for various hauling tasks. Finally, 3.6-9 KW gas generators may come in handy for any lighting or small tool needs. If you have access to all these pieces of equipment, your local football team will be playing and hopefully winning in no time.

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