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This Dozer is no Poser

When you need to move a lot of earth quickly this fall and winter, and still remain comfortable while its accomplished, the Komatsu D39EX-23 dozer is the machine you need to get the job done while being protected from the changing weather.

D39 DozerThe D39EX’s new integrated air conditioned ROPS cab is wider, taller and deeper than previous models, providing rigid strength and excellent sealing, helping to ensure operator safety while reducing noise, dust and vibration from filtering into the cab. The larger glass area improves visibility of the blade, sides and rear of the machine. And, for safety, the cab meets rollover protective structure and falling-object protective structures Level II standards, meaning that it has impact strength for protection from heavy falling objects, such as trees and rocks, for site clearing.

When operating the D39EX dozer, the palm command control system travel joystick provides a relaxed posture and fine control, with transmission shifting simplified with thumb push buttons for two modes – variable and customizable. The variable shift mode provides an operator with 20 incremental speed settings, while the customizable, quick-shift provides three speed settings. The blade control joystick also offers fine control, enabling the operator to adjust the blade angle and height with the touch of a thumb.

A large center-console LCD color monitor provides sharp screen visibility for the operator to read the machine’s status – speed, fuel consumption, fluid temperatures and various operating modes – and to use pre-programmable function and working mode switches.

The new higher-capacity, low-back heated seat with a headrest has multiple adjustments to accommodate different operators comfortably. While working, operators can use a convenient auxiliary input to keep their phone or music player charged, and listen to music through the speakers installed in the cab. A cup holder ensures that operator’s beverages are nearby and stable during operations.

The D39EX dozer incorporates a new proprietary engine and hydrostatic transmission (HST) pump control technology to improve operational efficiency and reduce fuel consumption to levels lower (up to 10 percent) than a conventional transmission can achieve. Powerful turns are achieved under various work conditions with the new HST, even under load. Operators can counter-rotate the dozer, achieving minimum turning radius in tight spots.

The D39 dozer meets the latest environmental standards for heavy equipment diesel operations, using 100 percent passive regeneration without the need for a diesel particulate filter.

With the D39’s selectable E and P working modes, operators can set engine outputs in the fuel-conserving E mode so that it has enough power for most general dozing application without delivering unnecessary power; or set the engine for full power in P mode for large-production, heavy-load or uphill work.

The D39’s four-cylinder, water cooled, direct injection engine delivers up to 107 HP of thrust, travels at up to 5.3 miles per hour and has a minimum turning radius of 87 inches.

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