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The JLG/ Skytrack 8042 Reach Forklift

When you need a workhorse to move and lift material around your job site or industrial plant, saddle up the JLG/Skytrack 8042 reach forklift and you’ll get the job done.

8K ForkliftWith an 8,000lb maximum lift capacity and a maximum lift height of 41 feet, 11 inches, and reach length of 26 feet, 7 inches, the Skytrack 8042 is an all-around material handling vehicle for most job sites.

With a retracted upward boom speed of 13 seconds and an extended upward boom speed of 16.5 seconds, the 8042 enables operators to quickly lift and place material where it is needed.

Recently redesigned with an intuitive single joystick that controls all boom functions, a cab that includes a new dashboard and an integrated arm rest, and a rear axle stabilization system that increases stability when placing a load, the Skytrack 8042 enables operators to perform their tasks efficiently and with greater confidence.

Weighing 27,100 pounds, the 8042 telehandler’s four forward and three reverse gears are powered by a 110 HP Cummings engine that delivers a maximum travel speed of 19 mph.

The versatile unit enables operators to connect an assortment of attachments for multiple purposes including a variety of carriages, forks, buckets, truss booms, fork-mounted work platforms and lifting hooks.

When you need a telehandler for your next project, consider the JLG/Skytrack 8042, and give Neff Rental a call at 888-709-NEFF, or visit our website at .