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The Compact JLG G5-18A Forklift

Whether you’re picking up full pallets, moving buckets of dirt or handling heavy materials, the JLG G5-18A telehandler will do all of the heavy lifting.

JLG G5-18AThis tough, new, super compact forklift from JLG lets you maneuver around the job site with ease, thanks to its 126-inch turning radius. And with up to 5,500-pound capacity, 18 feet of lift height and a capacity of 1,850 pounds at its maximum forward reach of 10 feet 10 inches, you have strength and power for moving and lifting jobsite materials all day long.

The JLG G5’s cab is built for comfortable entry and exit. The cab is a certified ROPS/FOPS structure that protects the operator from falling debris. The suspension seat adjusts to operator comfort.  The operator's cab features a built-in armrest, tilted single joystick and a cell phone charger.

A unique control feature in the G5-18A allows operators to select their preferred motion. When the joystick is moved left to right in the “lift mode,” the machine will boom in and out. In the “loader mode,” the left-right motion will tilt the attachment up and down. One switch in the cab allows operators to choose their preferred mode.

The dashboard instruments easily identify the steering mode, engine coolant temperature, fuel gauge, alternator gauge, engine speed, travel speed and various fault codes.

Featured attachments for the G5-18A include standard and side-tilt carriages; pallet, lumber, and cubing forks; general-purpose, light-material and grapple buckets; and a crane hook. The G5-18A features a universal coupler and adapter plate to allow operators to use skid steer attachments as well.

At 75.6 inches tall, this machine can fit through a finished double wide door.

The G5-18A comes standard with three operator-selectable steering modes: four-wheel circle, four-wheel crab, and two-wheel steer. The maximum travel speed is 16 mph, and boom cycle time is 21 seconds, allowing operators to quickly move materials on a variety of jobsites.

The super compact JLG G5-18A is available for rent at a Neff Rental branch near your next construction or industrial project. Call Neff Rental at 888-709-NEFF, or visit