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The Atlas Copco XAS 185 Air Compressor

Have you ever seen a yellow hard hat shoot a stream of compressed air on a job site? Well, not exactly a hard hat, but an Altas Copco XAS 185 air compressor that is topped with a hard streamlined yellow plastic shell that, like a hard hat, also protects the equipment from falling debris, and will not rust, dent, corrode or fade.

Atlas Copco XAS 185The XAS 185’s unique design covers the most powerful, reliable and efficient air compressor system in its class. Delivering a working pressure range of 58 to 125 psi from the Tier 4 Final four-cylinder 49 HP Caterpillar engine, the compressor sits atop a towable trailer that is easily delivered to and moved around a job site.

The compressor will drive rock drills and pneumatic tools, is used for spray painting, as well as the pressurized transport of soil and sewer water, and in shield and caisson construction. In industrial applications, the compressor is used for removing debris after manufacturing, and providing power to machine tools and industrial robots.

The XAS 185’s control panel is conveniently located in the rear of the unit at waist level for easy access. The discharge valves are also on the rear of the unit for quick connections and ease of access. The XAS 185 has a by-pass valve for superior cold climate operation.

The 20-gallon fuel tank holds sufficient fuel to operate throughout an eight-hour work day.

Neff Rental carries the Atlas Copco XAS 185 in its fleet and delivers them to customer job sites. When you are ready to use the Atlas Copco XAS 185 compressor on your construction or industrial job site, call Neff Rental at 888-709-NEFF, or visit