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The Atlas Copco SBU 220 Hydraulic Breaker

The Atlas Copco SBU 220 hydraulic breaker offers a powerful and reliable solution to roadwork, trenching, general demolition and rock breaking.

Atlas Copco HammerMachined from a single block of cast metal, the SBU 220 features an integrated percussion mechanism and guide system, a compact design for easy positioning, lower vibration and less noise, and a few moving parts for easier maintenance and reliable operations.

The SBU 220 bolts to carriers ranging from 6,150 to 13,230 pounds on leading brand skid steers and mini excavators.

Weighing just under 500 pounds, the SBU 220 delivers 720 to 1,380 breaks per minute with a 2.56-inch tool shank.

The Atlas Copco unique silencing system has a sound pressure rating of 89 dB and sound power at 118 dB. Although relatively quiet to operate compared to similar-sized units, it is advisable to wear noise-damping personal protection when operating the unit.

The SBU 220 features an overload protection valve to prevent damage to the unit during extreme use, a dust protection system to prevent the accumulation of grit in sensitive parts, and it tolerates high backpressure.

As with any hydraulic breaker, the SBU 220 should only be activated when its breaker point is placed on the area to be broken to prevent damage to the unit.

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