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Not Your Run of the Mill Roller

There are rollers, and then there is the Hamm 3307 vibratory compactor.

Hamm_3307Where many rollers simply compact the earth with brute weight, the 66-inch wide Hamm 3307 uses an intelligent vibratory compaction system to stimulate grains of earth to move and lock into position.

The Hamm 3307’s oscillation system automatically adapts to the rigidity of the subsoil.  As the machine passes over different soil types and densities, it automatically senses the rigidity of the soil and automatically adjusts the vibrations to the level of desired compaction.  This soil sensing adjustment, which occurs within 10 milliseconds and in less than a half inch of movement, creates a faster, better and more careful compaction.

This precisely engineered sensitivity to changing soil and subsoil conditions enables operators to use the Hamm 3307 roller in a variety of job environments. At up to 1,800 vibrations per minute, the 3307 efficiently and effectively compacts varying soils and aggregates in applications such as highways, utilities, water retention structures, as well as in large residential, commercial and industrial site preparation.

For example, the 3307’s precision vibrations can be used when renewing one lane of a multi-lane highway without unsettling adjoining lanes. The 3307oscillation roller also can be used on bridges because it produces no damaging vibrations to the structure.

Some other important features of the Hamm 3307 include an ergonomic driver’s compartment with unobstructed visibility, automotive-style instrumentation, a high-performance turbo-charged diesel engine that meets all current EPA emission requirements, hydro-static steering and a unique three-point articulation joint that allows for sharp turns.

Ask your Neff Rental sales rep about renting a Hamm 3307 vibratory roller, having it delivered on-time and, if necessary, receive 24/7 service.  For more information contact Neff Rental or call us at 888-709-6999. We are ready to assist you with your equipment needs.