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Multiquip MT X70HD rammer

The Multiquip MT X70HD rammer delivers portable compaction literally at your fingertips.

The middleweight compactor efficiently operates in confined areas, such as shallow trenches dug by a mini-excavator or between a sidewalk and a building. Evenly balanced, the MT X70HD is easily guided by an operator across the work area.

Delivering up to 690 blows per minute, the MT X70HD delivers an impact force of 3,350 pounds per foot, as the rammer is elevated 3.1 inches above the ground before descending to compact the soil.

With the shoe covering an area of 13.4 by 11.2 inches, the rammer’s operator can move at a rate of 55.8 feet per minute.

With a total height of 40.4 inches, the rammer’s handles are ergonomically easy to grasp and features an anti-vibration design that dramatically reduces operator fatigue. Also, two workers can easily dismount the 165-pound rammer from the back of a pick-up truck.

The rammer is powered by a Honda GX100 gasoline engine and fueled with a 2.7-quart gas tank.

The MT X70HD rammer has two optional foot assemblies for narrow trenches – the 485XA, which is 4.5 inches wide and the 685XA, which is 6.5 inches wide.

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