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This Mini Excavator Has It All

The IHI 35N-3 mini-excavator is a robust tool for digging and back-filling trenches for electrical conduit, plumbing pipes, footers and irrigation systems, as well as removing small boulders and uprooting tree stumps from job sites.

IHI 35NWeighing in at just under 7,800 pounds, the 35N has a maximum digging depth of 10.3 feet, a maximum reach height of 15.6 feet, a vertical wall digging depth of eight feet, and a maximum loading height of 10.8 feet. With 7,662 pounds of brute digging force, the 35N will rip through earth, gravel and rock, getting the job done.

The utilitarian cab – the largest in its class – provides 360-degree visibility and easy to reach controls, enabling the operator to neatly maneuver the five-feet, one-inch wide by eight-feet, one-inch tall 35N through relatively narrow passages and beneath low-hanging obstacles.

With a swing angle of 50 degrees left and 90 degrees right, operators can easily dig, scoop, rotate and release dirt a minimum of five feet from the work area at a rate of up to 10 revolutions per minute.

With the standard back-fill blade, the 26.5 horsepower engine gives you the pushing force you need to quickly and efficiently fill the trenches.

Need to break up some concrete on a smaller project? Utilize the IHI35N with a small hydraulic hammer to get you just the right amount of breaking force you need.

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