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Link-Belt 145X3 Excavator

450-ExcavatorPower, control and comfort are sometimes difficult to find in one package. With the Link-Belt 145X3 “Spin Ace” zero tail swing Excavator, you get all three benefits, and more.

The Link-Belt 145X3 excavator is more powerful and efficient than previous X-series models with 15 percent more lift capacity and 8 percent faster cycle times. Equipped with an Isuzu Tier 4A turbocharged 100 hp diesel engine, the 145X3 has a maximum torque of 265 pounds per square foot at 1,600 RPM. It’s swing speed of up to 10.6 revolutions per minute enable operators to work quickly and efficiently.

Its standard 15-foot,2 inch boom has a dig depth of up to 18 feet and a bucket digging force of up to 21,360 pounds per square foot with auto power boost. The 145X3 is equipped with an 8.5-foot by 22-inch blade that plows and smooths terrain.

The 145X3 uses an open-center hydraulic system that gives the machine a smoother feel when operating and also eliminates excess pressure throughout the system, which helps to conserve fuel.

Operators monitor the machine’s operations with a high-definition seven-inch LED monitor that includes a fuel consumption gauge, a rear-view camera panoramic color display, engine coolant and hydraulic oil temperatures, fuel level, travel mode, work mode, attachment mode, system and machine warnings and work tool settings.

The ergonomic joysticks provide logical switches and controls, including one-touch idle, horn, auxiliary hydraulic controls and wiper trigger.

The engine’s three work modes give operators full control of the machine for particular jobs. Speed priority is the fastest and most productive mode, giving operators peak machine performance. Heavy mode automatically adjusts for fuel efficiency and productivity. Applied power mode gives operators 13 different engine RPM settings to fine tune the machine to specific jobs – heavy lifting, fine grading, leveling, or slowly lowering material, such as pipes, into trenches.

The 145X3’s Tier 4A passive regeneration system enables operators to continue working while the system’s diesel oxidation catalyst and diesel particulate filter passively regenerate exhaust emissions.

Built for operator safety and comfort, the 145X3’s ROP-certified cab is slightly larger than previous versions, and comes with an air conditioner, heater and defroster. The adjustable seat slides forward, back, up and down independent of the console. Each seat also has adjustable armrest angles and lumbar support. The cab is equipped for a 12-volt outlet for cell phone charging, cup holder and phone storage.

Other options - like rubber track pads, quick couplers, or thumbs make this machine the right choice for multiple projects. For more information about the Link-Belt 145X3 excavator, contact a Neff Rental branch near you at 888-709-NEFF, or visit