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WA200-7-ImageWhen operators climb into the seat of the new Komatsu WA200-7 loader, there’s a sense of latent power in a well-engineered machine at their fingertips.

When they turn over the engine, lower the standard 2.2-yard bucket and start scooping, they will enjoy the relentless drive, quick acceleration and variable speed control delivered by the unit’s hydrostatic transmission.

The WA200-7 power is derived from a new computerized 126 HP engine that intelligently controls the variable flow turbocharger for optimum air flow under various speeds and load conditions, an auto-idle shutdown, fuel consumption and the unit’s Tier4i system.

Based on Komatsu’s proprietary technologies, the new Tier 4i-compliant diesel engine reduces exhaust gas particulate matter by more than 90 percent and nitrogen oxides by more than 45 percent compared to the previous model engine. The cleaning system does not interfere with daily operations, removing all soot using passive regeneration. The new engine also improves fuel consumption by 3 percent over the previous model.

Operators work in a comfortable environment inside the WA200-7 loader. Sealed and filtered against dust, and with the engine, fan and pumps mounted on rubber gaskets, the cab provides a clean, air-conditioned, low-vibration and low-noise environment. The standard higher-capacity seat is fully adjustable for operator comfort. The standard tiltable steering wheel can be moved forward and out of the way for easy entry and exit from the cab. The cab also includes an auxiliary input jack, and two 12-volt outlets, as well as extra storage space.

Control panels are all within easy reach. A multi-function mono-lever includes a forward-reverse-neutral switch for quick and easy travel. Coupler equipped machines, which use buckets and forks require a different flat level setting when switching between attachments. The attachment selector switch found in coupler-equipped machines tells the loader which flat level to use.

With the right control panels, operators can select speed range, variable speed control and tractive effort.

The WA200-7 loader has a maximum dumping clearance of nine feet, nine inches, and full reach with arm horizontal and bucket extended of seven feet, seven inches.

It has a muscular breakout force of 23,251 pounds with a general-purpose bucket, pin on; and a static tipping load of 18,971 pounds.

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