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Industrial Plant Shutdowns. When Time and Safety Matter!

Industrial plant shutdowns are time-critical operations. Man Lift at Tanks

Working with an equipment rental company representative before a paper mill, steel, chemical, energy, food processing, auto manufacturing or pharmaceutical plant shutdown can help ensure that equipment normally used during shutdowns is available, serviced and ready to use.

Reviewing the shutdown phases with an equipment professional will help determine the specific types of equipment that you will need – compressors, light towers, generators, material handling equipment, reach and industrial forklifts, aerial man lifts, scissor lifts and welding machines– and when you will need them.

Plan your equipment staging area with a plant walk through with your sales rep to ensure that the area is large enough to accommodate the rental equipment, and provides clear access for delivery vehicles.

Safety is a serious concern at all plants. Your local rental company representative will ask about your safety training programs early in the process of assessing your equipment needs. This helps ensure that all necessary safety certifications are obtained well in advance of the scheduled shutdown by the branch sales reps, drivers and mechanics that will be entering the facility to deliver, pickup and service equipment.

Homeland Security is more deeply involved in plant security, particularly at electric power plants, chemical plants, oil and gas production plants, and other critical infrastructure facilities. Vetting ranges from a computerized identification check at the entry gate to special clearances that involve background checks, assigning numbered window decals and wireless passes. Informing your rental company sales rep about how to gain security clearance for branch personnel will help ensure on-time deliveries and efficient service.

Your local Neff Rental branch personnel know that when your plant shuts down for scheduled maintenance, they are ready with the right equipment that is fully operational, backed up 24/7 by a service mechanic, and ready-to-roll drivers. You can count on Neff Rental before, during and after your scheduled shutdown because we do care more. For more information email Neff Rental or call us at 888-709-6333. We are ready to assist you with your equipment needs.