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What Is Hydro-Excavation?

Hydro Excavation Vacuum Do you need to dig a hole that has intense precision and does not involve excessive labor? Then welcome to the world of modern vacuum excavation systems. This modern tool is changing the way municipalities, plumbers, and contractors do business. Along with a variety of techniques, these powerful tools also help you save steps and get the results you want every time.

Purpose of vacuum excavation systems

The main idea behind these tools is that they will create a hole that is the exact diameter and depth that you want. Unlike shovels or other sharp equipment, vacuums will not quickly cause irreversible damage to pipes and cables hidden in the earth. Even when the soil is frozen, the vacuum system can use pressurized air or water to remove soil inch by inch. The vacuums suck up the loosened soil and store the slurry until you are ready to fill the hole back in.

Who uses vacuum excavation?

The appeal of being able to pick up water, slurry or solids is useful to a wide variety of contractors. For instance, basement foundation workers, plumbers, construction crews, oil and gas teams, utility companies and emergency cleanup crews all find vacuum excavation helpful. From scenarios like home flooding or sewer system drain failure, these pressurized air or water construction vacuums save time and money.

How to use vacuum excavation systems

Ordering services from vacuum excavation contractors comes in different size options. For example, you can get large trucks or rentable units that can be towed with pickup trucks. Once you have the correct vacuum system in your possession, the device can be used for potholing, water valve box clean out, sewer cleaning, industrial excavation, precision slot trenching, mud cleanup after drilling or catch basin cleaning.

Vacuum excavating precision

Do you have a tight space to dig that needs exact dimensions? Unlike one-size-fits-all equipment of the past, vacuum excavating systems allow you to complete hole digging projects you never thought possible. Without upsetting foundations or other masonry, you can burrow large and small holes horizontally, at a precise angle or vertically using these devices.

Safer money savers

Besides the precision of the vacuum excavation system, the final advantages are saving money and promoting safety. The systems can be used remotely which leads to fewer injuries than manual methods like digging. Less labor involvement also means spending less money on payroll. Finally, you can get the job done in less time with a vacuum system and this means using construction time wisely.

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