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The Equipment Trifecta: Comfort, Safety & Power

When you climb into the cab of a Kobelco SK350LC-9 excavator, one thing becomes instantly clear: It is comfortable. Although not exactly a luxury sedan, the SK350 cab has the comfort and thoughtful ergonomics of a higher-end pick-up truck.

Kobelco SK350-9The door opens wide for easy entry and exit. The seat and headrest are comfortable and fully adjustable. There is legroom to reach the foot pedals. A large cup holder keeps your beverage secure. The vivid multi-color displays are easily readable at a glance. And your field of vision is unobstructed and enhanced with a rear-view video display and three rear-view mirrors. In the summer, the cab is cooled by air conditioning; and warmed in the winter by a heater. You can recharge your phone and listen to country music on the local FM station.

The integrated left-right control boxes are within easy reach and are responsive to your touch. The working mode selectors enable you to quickly switch between H-mode, S-mode and ECO-mode.

While comfort and utility are important, your safety is paramount. The all-weather, sound-suppressed steel cab is mounted on the silicon-sealed viscous mounts and is encased in a newly developed roll-over protective structure that exceeds ISO 12117-2: 2008 standards to ensure greater safety.

What is under the hood of the SK350 really gets the job done.

Equipped with a powerful 270 horsepower, 2,100-RPM engine, the SK350 delivers up to 39,600 pounds of arm crowding force and up to 49,200 pounds of bucket crowding force, so you can excavate some of the toughest rock and dirt. The heavy-lift and power boost cycles operate without limits.

The SK350 standard arm has a maximum digging reach of 36 feet 11inches, a maximum digging depth of 24 feet, 10 inches, a bucket capacity of 1.83 cubic yards and swing power of up to 10 revolutions per minute, enabling to you reach farther, dig deeper and move more dirt faster.

Ask your Neff Rental sales rep about renting a Kobelco SK350LC-9 excavator, having it delivered on time and, if necessary, receive reliable 24/7 service.  For more information contact Neff Rental or call us at 888-709-6999. We are ready to assist you with your equipment needs.