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Doosan DX300 LC Excavator

The Doosan DX300 LC-5 excavator delivers the reach, power and break out force needed to get heavy earthmoving jobs completed quickly and efficiently.

The 271 horsepower DX300 has a maximum digging reach of 36 feet 7 inches with its standard arm, and 3 feet more with a long arm. With 24 feet, 8 inch maximum digging depth with the standard arm, the DX300 will excavate 1.95 cubic yards of dirt and debris with each scoop.

Tier 4 compliant, the DX300 is optimized to provide more power than previous models with reduced fuel consumption. The Tier 4 system uses a cooled exhaust gas recirculation system to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions, and a diesel oxidation catalyst to transform carbon monoxide and particulate matter into water and carbon dioxide. Two other systems are used to reduce pollutants, ensuring that the entire eco-power process helps reduce air pollution.

Operators can fine-tune the DX300’s efficiency using its selectable work modes. Two modes calibrate the machine for digging or lifting. Digging mode provides the power for general excavation, loading and lifting.  Lifting mode increases pump torque; lowers engine RPMs and provide an automatic power boost for extra muscle when lifting heavier than normal materials, such as concrete pipe or barriers.

Two other modes are used to precisely regulate the correct hydraulic flow for hammering and shear attachments. A roller switch on the right joystick enables the operator to easily control and vary the speed at which two-way hydraulic attachments function, such as opening and closing a hydraulic clamp.

Operating efficiency is important to completing jobs on time. The DX300’s two variable displacement axial piston pumps deliver superior cycle times.  When the unit’s intelligent floating boom feature is engaged, the boom is not using hydraulic flow, which increases cycle times and saves fuel.

Operators work in a pressurized cabin that is surrounded by a sound- and vibration-absorbing frame. The seat is adjustable to the operator’s size and features a reclining back, lumbar support, adjustable control positions, a heater, headrest and adjustable seat cushion angle.

The cabin has high-capacity heating and air conditioning vents, and easy-to-control temperature settings for year-round operations.

A rear-view camera provides the operator with greater visibility of his or her surroundings, while the crystal-clear LCD display panel is within easy view for monitoring critical machine data, warnings, errors and the rear-view camera. The display also switches to night view, so that the radiant light does not interfere with the operators peripheral vision.

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