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Ingersoll Rand 2A2SA Chipping Hammer

The Ingersoll Rand 2A2SA chipping hammer is a reliable and durable tool that is used widely in construction and industrial applications for bridge decking, stripping, concrete surface preparation, demolition work, metal removal and other applications.

Powered by an air compressor with a minimum of 90 PSI and a three-eighths inch hose attachment, the IR 2A2SA hammer delivers 2,300 blows per minute with an average two-inch stroke length.

The IR 2A2SA features a grooved barrel with a lock-spring retainer, a swan-neck handle, a long nozzle, and a threaded barrel and rubber buffered retainer.

A variety of chisels can be attached to the chipping hammer, including 12-, 18- and 24-inch moil point, narrow, two-inch wide blade and five-inch wide blade chisels. Other attachments include four-and-a-half-inch wide clay spades, five-inch wide floor scraping tools, all-steel brushing tools and carbide-tipped brushing tools.

When using the IR 2A2SA chipping hammer, the operator should wear the appropriate safety equipment, including heavy-duty work gloves, hard hat, either a full-face safety shield or safety glasses to protect the face or eyes, and safety boots or shoes.

Neff Rental has Ingersoll Rand 2A2SA chipping hammers, chisels, hoses and couplings at its branches coast to coast for construction and industrial applications. For more information about Ingersoll Rand 2A2SA chipping hammer availability, visit Neff Rental, visit , or call 888-709-NEFF.

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