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Check out the Kobelco SK27SR-5 Mini Excavator

KobelcoWhen you need precision digging power in a relatively small area, put your hands on the controls of the Kobelco SK27SR-5 mini excavator to get the job done.

The redesigned SK27SR-5 mini excavator features a large-capacity 21.3 HP Tier III engine, more efficient hydraulic flow and a sensitive responsiveness that reduces cycle time.

The SK27SR-5’s integrated flow pump system gives you power when you need it. The moment the machine starts to dig, extra output from a third pump is directed to the arm circuit for added power, ensuring fast and smooth arm operation.

The lever control valves are tuned to precisely regulate hydraulic flow when the attachment and other systems begin moving, providing the operator with smooth, precision control.

Are you working in a narrow space? No problem. The SK27SR-5’s boom offset function makes it possible to parallel dig without moving the undercarriage, resulting in precise and safe ditch digging and pipe laying operations with its 2.82 cubic foot bucket. Additionally, the zero tail-swing SR-5 does not overhang the mini excavator’s 10-inch steel- or rubber-padded shoes. The SR-5 has your back.

The Kobelco SK27SR-5 is equipped with a patent-pending dozer-shaped blade that causes the earth to form an arc and always fall forward instead of behind the blade. This one-pass method increases operator efficiency and gets the job done faster. The dozer blade can also be raised higher than before – up to 38 degrees, enabling the operator to more easily ride the machine over mounds or load it onto a trailer or truck.

The Kobelco SK27SR-5 is designed for operator safety and comfort. Mandrel bent tubing is used to frame the cab, resulting in a 50 percent increase in durability and service life. The newly designed ROPS/FOPS canopy ensures easy access and provides an open view of digging operations when swinging.

The cab’s wider floor space and the adjustable seat’s greater sliding range offers increased ergonomic comfort for the operator. Wrist rests behind the controls support the operator’s arms to reduce muscle fatigue. The levers, instruments, ignition button, air conditioner switch and cup holder are all clearly visible and within easy reach.

The wider front windows provide operators with a more open and panoramic view of their work area. Work lights have been added to both sides of the Kobelco SK27SR-5’s arm helping operators work at dusk and during the night.

When digging power is needed in a confined job site, take a look at the Kolbelco SK27SR-5 mini excavator to get your job done quickly and efficiently. Neff Rental has Kolbelco SK27SR-5 mini excavators available for rent for your next project. Contact the closest Neff Rental branch at 888-709-NEFF or visit

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