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JLG 800AJ Articulating boom lift

The JLG 800AJ articulating boom lift offers performance and reliability, enabling operators to reach heights of more than 80 feet to securely work on projects beyond their normal reach.

JLG boom (800AJ)The JLG 800AJ features a 51-feet, 10-inch horizontal reach, and up and over height of 32 feet and a full 360-degree turning radius. The AJ series also features a six-foot jib for extended reach.

When working in a tight area with limited maneuverability, the JLG 800AJ’s 4WD system has an outside turning radius of 14.5 feet and an inside turning radius of seven feet, enabling you to get around objects or readjust your location. The JLG 800AJ’s QuikStik® boom takes workers from the ground to 80 feet in less than 50 seconds, increasing their efficiency and performance.

The 36- by 96-inch platform can hold up to 500 pounds of people and equipment. While raised to the project area, workers can also plug in power tools to the 110V-AC receptacle to help them complete tasks.

With a ground speed of up to three miles per hour, the JLG 800AJ’s operators can control the unit from the platform in a retracted profile, or from the ground using the unit’s side controls. The JLG 800AJ’s motion alarm lets nearby workers know that the unit is moving and enables them to safely get out of its way. With a gradeability of up to 45 degrees, the unit can easily cross most job sites.

Neff Rental delivers the JLG 800AJ to job sites coast to coast. Providing 24/7 service and support, Neff Rental ensures reliable operations to help our customers to complete their projects on time.

For more information about whether the JLG 800AJ is suitable for your next aerial project, call Neff Rental at 888-709-NEFF, or visit for a branch that is closest to your job site.