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Case 586H Rough Terrain Forklift

The Case 586H rough terrain forklift is designed for two things: lifting and moving loads. Engineered to optimize both features, the 586H has lifting speeds of 107 feet per minute and travel speeds of up to 24 miles per hour.

Case 586HThe rough-terrain, four-wheel-drive 586H grips loose, muddy or rocky soil, as well as provides 10.3 inches of ground clearance to effectively travel cross rough job sites.

The only rough terrain forklift with zero tail swing, the 586H enables operators to turn at a 55-degree steering angle.

The forklift’s 22-foot mast has an overall operating height of 25.16 inches, overall fork height of 22 feet, enabling the operator to deliver up to 3,000 pounds of materials on pallets to a second floor building. The mast’s forward tilt of 45 degrees and backward tilt of 15 degrees, enables operators to keep loads level when moving across uneven terrains or up and down inclines, precisely controlling pick-ups, carries and offloads. The Case-designed load control system automatically provides mast cushioning that lessens load shock when traveling over uneven terrain. This not only helps stabilize the load, but it makes for a smoother ride by minimizing jarring bumps from heavy and jerky loads.

The 586H dual-mast, wide-channel design provides operators with a clear front view so they can easily watch the forks enter pallets and secure materials. The low-hood covering the 74 horse power Tier 4 engine gives operators a clear view behind the machine.

The ROPS/FOPS-certified protective canopy protects operators from falling debris, and come with two halogen headlights and two rear halogen work lights for early morning and evening work. The wide walk-through platform and adjustable cushioned seat provides operators with easy access and comfort while operating the forklift.

Neff Rental has the Case 586H rough terrain forklift in two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive models at its branches coast to coast. For more information about whether the Case 586H meets your material handling needs, call Neff Rental at 888-709-NEFF, or visit .