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The Skyjack 3226 Scissor Lift

The Skyjack 3226 26-foot electric scissor lift enables you to rise up and reach workspaces safely.

SKYJACK SJ3226Using easily understood, two-handed controls, workers can easily maneuver the Skyjack 3226 26-foot scissor lift into positon and perform lighting, electrical, painting, plumbing, drywall and other work from on high.

Operators can firmly plant their feet on the lift’s diamond checker plate floor’s anti-slip surface, while also connecting their safety harness to the lanyard attachment points on the railing posts.

The Skyjack 3226 can be driven when fully elevated, enabling the operator to traverse the work area to efficiently complete their aerial tasks. The easy-to-use roll out three-foot extension decks increase work area and provide safe up-and-over capability. The 84-inch by 28-inch work platform has space for up to 500 pounds of tools, equipment and work supplies.

Safety is paramount, which is why the Skyjack 3226 is equipped with an audible alarm that alerts nearby workers that the machine is moving. The machine is also equipped with a manual lowering system, should the operator be unable to lower it.

Useful both indoors and out, the Skyjack 3226’s lowered 70.6-inch height (rails down) enables it to pass through most doorways when using external controls. If traversing outside terrain or driving up or down sloped ramps indoors, the lift is equipped with a tilt alarm and drive and lift cut-out alerts that tells the operator that the unit is off-level.

The symmetrical crossover four-wheel drive provides positive traction, even with one wheel off the ground. This industry leading terrain capability means you can use the Skyjack rough terrain in the most challenging of conditions. The Skyjack is also equipped with a self-deploying pothole protection system the helps minimize tip-over hazards.

Tie down lift lugs and forklift pockets aid in loading, securing and transportation of the Skyjack 3226 to and from job sites.

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