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500 kV Transmission Line Project

Pylon_dsUnless you are a rattlesnake, few people would want to go where a fleet of water trucks and forklifts were used last year to build a transmission line across Nevada.

To say that it was a rocky, dusty, barren and inhospitable place would be an understatement. But that is where crews of workers were in 2014 when they erected transmission towers and hung reels of transmission lines across Nevada’s backcountry.

Starting at the edge of Las Vegas’ glittering lights, a 235-mile 500 kV transmission line rose above the desert floor and crossed mountain ranges to connect a massive transmission substation north of the city and to another near Ely, Nevada, for NV Energy. The ONLine project enables the development of renewable energy projects throughout Nevada, enhances overall energy-sharing efficiencies for NV Energy’s power generation resources, and connects the company’s two main service areas for the first time.

The project required 10K four-wheel-drive forklifts to move the transmission tower poles, and stabilize the bases while large cranes and helicopters were used to maneuver the structures into position. Due to the hot, arid and dusty nature of the area, all of the forklifts were enclosed, heated and air conditioned for operator comfort. Foam-filled tires prevented blowouts.

Four thousand gallon water trucks were used for dust control, spraying roads and job sites daily for the duration of the project.

Neff Rental’s Las Vegas branch supplied the equipment for the 500kV transmission line. When service was required, a Neff Rental mechanic was dispatched several hundred miles to the jobsite. He often stayed overnight in a personal camper to ensure that all equipment was completely serviced before returning to the branch.

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