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We’re Available, Day or Night!

What is 24/7 service?

It is exactly this: Anytime during a 24-hour period, any day of the week, you can dial a number and someone will immediately answer or call you back to discuss and resolve your equipment needs or problems. It’s that simple.

Emergency workWhether you need a light tower and excavator to clean up a late night highway accident or a pump and generator to get your office back up and running after a natural disaster, Neff Rental is available to take care of your needs 24/7.

Equipment failure and emergencies are a fact of life. When equipment fails, the job stops. When emergencies arise, response time matters.

You do not want to wait long for the equipment to be repaired or delivered and for your crew to be able to work. Deadlines must be met and projects completed.

The last outcome that you expect when a rental company touts 24/7 service is to call the company and wait hours or days for a mechanic to show up to make the repair or no one to answer your 2 a.m. call needing that emergency light tower. Yet, sometimes this does occur.

Rental companies that are committed to providing 24/7 service have operational processes in place to ensure that the service is delivered as promised by its branch employees, as well as in advertisements and brochures, and on their websites.

Neff Rental delivers 24/7 service-  we're available, day or night. We do have processes in place to ensure that this promise is flawlessly executed each time a customer calls, no matter the time of day, or the day of the week. We even audit this service on a regular basis to ensure the standards are met.

If Neff equipment breaks down on a customer’s job site, the call to the branch during off hours is seamlessly forwarded to an on-call branch employee, usually a coordinator or sales representative; not an answering service. That individual will take down your name, company name, location, type of equipment, the problem, and your phone number and immediately get to work on the issue. Should you need equipment for an emergency, the employee on call will begin the process on making sure the equipment is ready, dispatching a driver and giving you an estimated time of arrival.

When an afterhours repair is needed, often times, our coordinators and sales reps know the equipment well enough to ask several diagnostic questions and help the operator resolve the problem over the telephone. In most instances, the service manager will call you back after receiving the information to further diagnose the problem, or dispatch a mechanic, depending on the circumstances and your level of urgency, within hours or the next day to repair the downed equipment.

This is the 24/7 standard you should expect and receive from an equipment rental company.

For Neff Rental, 24/7 is just part of the service we offer and another reason why, “we care more”.

To find the closest Neff Rental branch to your next job site, call 888-709-NEFF, or visit Ask us about our 24/7 service when you do.