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What Equipment to Use When Cleaning a Warehouse

There is one certainty in warehouses – dust and dirt accumulate overtime if the facility is not maintained. Methodically cleaning an expansive space takes time and commitment. But, the right tools enable workers to accomplish this task with greater efficiency.

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Dust accumulates in the rafters and support structures inside a warehouse. Using a compressor with a long hose and spray gun is an effective way to clean the nooks and crannies. Use a man lift or scissor lift to reach the upper areas of the warehouse. Both units are controllable by an operator inside the basket or standing on top of the platform. The people who are using the compressor to clean the dust should wear tight-fitting filtered dust masks, safety glasses and hardhats to protect themselves from dust and injury.

After cleaning the upper area of the warehouse, the floor can be tackled next. If pallets of items need to be moved quickly, an industrial forklift with non-skid tires can be used to efficiently relocate the pallets to other areas of the warehouse while the floor is being cleaned.

Once the concrete floor is swept clean, a pressure washer is an efficient tool for deep cleaning ground-in dirt and grease. Some industrial pressure washers include dispensers for adding degreasing solutions. Pressure washers are available in with several types of attachments – conventional sprayers as well as rotating surface cleaners that contain the spray. Taking time and cleaning areas in segments, helps ensure that the job is completed efficiently and without streaking from missed areas. Use long-handled squeegees or industrial-sized brooms to remove the water from the warehouse floor to sweep it outside or toward interior drains.

After the floor is clean, it is a good time to yellow stripe or re-repaint the warehouse walkways and designated work, storage, fire extinguisher and hazard areas. This not only makes the appearance of the warehouse appear neat, but it also promotes safer operations. Also, with the floor degreased and cleaned, it can be coated with a non-slip sealer that will protect it for many years and make it easier to clean in the future.

The outside of warehouses, such as loading bays and entryways may also need to be spruced up. For larger facilities with many loading bays, a sweeper can be efficiently used to remove dirt and debris from the base of the loading areas. Not only will doing so improve the area’s appearance, but it will prevent dirt from blowing up from the outside into the warehouse.

A concrete or paver walkway leading into a warehouse can also be pressure cleaned and sealed to enhance the facility’s appearance.

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