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If we could turn back time

Have you ever experienced a 25-hour day? In fact, everyone in the United States and most people worldwide live an extra man-made hour on one day of the year when clocks are adjusted on Nov. 1 from daylight savings time to standard time.

clockOn Sunday, Nov. 6, at 2 a.m., time will leap back one hour, changing our routines until the second Sunday in March.

Where many people welcome the extra hour of sleep, the time shift also has its consequences. Darkness increases around the time of rush hour. National Road Safety Foundation studies show that auto accidents increase after clocks fall back an hour. In addition to the lack of visibility, commuting in the dark can also make drivers drowsier than usual.

The time shift also can create biological adjustment problems for some people. Health studies have shown that changes in waking time, coupled with the earlier onset of darkness, unsettles our biological clocks. This can increase risks while driving and operating machinery.

Some factors to keep in mind in mind when switching back to standard time are:

  • Don’t be surprised if you feel a little sluggish for the first couple of days after the time change. It’s normal. People who work traditional workdays should take time to readjust their sleep schedule and resynchronize their biological clocks until they feel less fatigued. This may mean going to bed earlier at night, or sleeping in later on weekends.
  • Be aware of the increased risk of accidents due to fatigue and darkness. While you may be alert, others may not. Be extra vigilant when driving, or when operating or working around heavy equipment. If you are working on a jobsite without power and it is dark outside, be safe and rent a light tower.

While it may be great to have an extra hour of sleep on Nov. 6th, be aware of the affect it has your biological clock and take time to adjust to a new daytime schedule.

At Neff Rental, we care about our employees’ health and wellness, encouraging them to work safely and to be aware of how time changes can affect them. For more information about Neff Rental, or to locate the branch nearest you, visit, or call 888-709-NEFF.