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When Time is Money, Take a Minute to Review

Have you ever climbed into the cab of a newer model earthmoving machine and stared at the vaguely familiar controls and displays? Perhaps you’ve slid into a material handler and noticed that one of the controls for rotating the forks is missing. Or while operating a new Tier 4 machine, strange lights started blinking and the equipment started to feel sluggish.Forklift_Instrument_Diagram

You are not the only operator to experience feelings of uncertainty and frustration with the unknown. You have a job to do and you just want the equipment to perform.

Oftentimes, the solution is calling your supervisor, who then calls the rental company. Soon, you’re on the phone with a service manager or technician who is explaining what the lights mean, or where the controls are located. Sometimes, that’s not enough and you need a service technician from the rental company to show you how to operate the unfamiliar equipment.

It’s completely understandable, but most of the time, unnecessary.

There is a third and more immediate solution within arm’s reach: the operator’s manual. Operator’s manuals are stored in plastic or metal boxes inside the cab.

Most answers to unfamiliar earthmoving equipment icons and alerts, particularly on late model Tier 4 equipment; and new alarms, noises, controls and operational limits on aerial and material handling equipment can be found in the operator’s manual under the instruments and controls section. Operator manuals have diagrams and related instructions that explain the controls and their functions, answering most questions.

If you climb into a machine that you have never operated before, it’s a good practice to review the operator’s manual and skim through these two sections: controls and instruments, and operating instructions. Spending several minutes familiarizing yourself with the equipment can save you hours of idled time later.

Before Neff Rental delivers equipment to a job site, our skilled team ensures that it is fully functioning and operational, and that the operator’s manual is in the storage box inside the cab. Check it out. It can answer most of your questions and help you be a better operator.  Whether you have the equipment delivered or you pick it up at our shop, our Neff Rental drivers and mechanics are trained and available to give you a quick walk around and point out the necessary functions and controls. If you still have concerns or would like to reserve a piece of equipment, please contact Neff Rental or call (888) 709-6333, we are ready to assist you with all your equipment needs.

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