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Why Quality Equipment Matters

For some operators rental equipment is simply a tool: use it and return it.

2Service Mechanic-smallerMechanicThere is a different perspective on equipment when it is a company owned piece, an operator might depend on it for his or her livelihood. After the workweek, the equipment might be hosed down. Scratches are touched up with paint to prevent rust. Trash is picked up and dried mud is swept from the cab. Regular fluid changes and maintenance are performed.

Should you care how rental equipment looks and operates? Absolutely.

When rental equipment is on your construction site, operating in your industrial plant or on an oil rig, its appearance and performance is a reflection of your company and work ethic. Rental equipment that appears clean, is maintained and consistently operates creates a positive impression.

Fully operational equipment will determine your ability to get a job done. When rental equipment is idled for days and waiting repairs, it not only reflects poorly on the rental company, but on your business decision to go with a particular supplier.

At the end of the day, it really does come back to pride of ownership. A quality rental company’s employees care about and maintain equipment as if it is their own. They will clean the equipment’s glass before it leaves for your job site. They double-check the fluid levels and batteries the night before your rental. They also ask whether you have any operational questions when it is delivered. And, they follow up with you at your job site to check equipment status.

We set a high bar for ourselves at Neff Rental. Our slogan - We Care More - reflects our pride and commitment to quality. If you have any questions about our customer service commitment, ask us about our Customer Service Diamond Award program. When you need rental equipment, call 888- 709-NEFF, or visit our website, for a branch near you.