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Practical Equipment Training For Rental Company Sales Representatives Helps Customers

Loader-KomatsuHave you ever called a rental company to talk about needing equipment for a particular phase of construction and were surprised to hear that the sales representative understood what you were talking about and recommended the correct and most efficient equipment solution?

If so, it was not an accident, particularly if you called on another day and spoke with a different sales coordinator at a different branch, and received a similar answer.

Rental companies that invest in their front-line sales coordinators and sales representatives, and train them on the equipment they are renting are also helping their customers by providing accurate and useful equipment information.

While not all rental companies provide their employees with intensive training to help them become professional equipment consultants, some do.

The multi-day training sessions are structured, practical and are supported by equipment manufacturers. Sales representatives and coordinators receive classroom training that explains equipment application during specific construction phases. Charts, diagrams and photographs provide a backdrop of information, helping the sales team to visualize equipment applications.

Field training by manufacturer representatives also gives sales representatives control of equipment that digs, hammers, pumps, trenches, scoops, compacts and vibrates, thus marrying the classroom knowledge with hands-on experience using late-model equipment.

After several days of training, the sales representatives are better prepared to return to their branches and assist customers with equipment rentals. Their improved understanding of equipment functions and utilization helps them to visualize the equipment working on a job site, and the construction phase that it is being used on.

This practical and classroom equipment knowledge enables sales representatives to be an equipment resource for customers.

Neff Rental training provides intensive hands-on and classroom equipment training for its sales coordinators and sales representatives, enabling them to continually learn and provide accurate information and equipment recommendations that helps customers complete their jobs more efficiently and cost effectively. When you need equipment for your next job, call Neff Rental at 888-709-NEFF, or visit We are ready to be your equipment resource.