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Landscaping: Saving you time and money

When undertaking a landscaping project, choosing the right rental equipment for the job and how it will be used are important factors for completing the job on time and on budget.

landscapingThe initial phase – fine grading – can be accomplished with a tractor and blade. The tractor can be used to either pull the blade, or to push the soil in front of it. Optimally, pulling the blade behind the tractor produces more controlled results.

To move pallets of grass or plants about the job site, a Bobcat skid steer with a forklift attachment works efficiently on relatively flat dry land, whereas a track steer with a forklift attachment provides more stability across wet soil, uneven surfaces and hilly areas.

When planting large bushes or trees, an all-terrain forklift can pick the plants off of a truck and maneuver the plants into a hole dug by a backhoe or mini-excavator. You may think that your crew can simply shimmy one four-inch tree into a hole. But if there are a line of trees to be installed, the cost of the equipment can be justified by the time saved, and the wear and tear on your crew.

Finally, consider access points and openings leading to and the within the area to be landscaped. Operators can work next to buildings, and can pass through narrow gates when using compact earthmoving and material handling equipment. Be sure to measure before renting to ensure that the equipment fits the area.

Attachments are also an important feature that can help complete the job more efficiently. These tools can help your crew complete multiple tasks with one machine. Quick couplers allow operators to change attachments without leaving the cab. Machines with high-flow hydraulics maximize the power of augers and planers. High-capacity light material buckets are used for loosely packed loads of wood chips, while heavy duty grapple buckets can grasp and move irregularly shaped materials.

While equipment is important, getting it to and from the job site is another consideration. Compact equipment can weight 8,000 to 10,000 pounds, plus the trailer. Half-ton trucks cannot pull this weight, and should be moved with at least a three-quarter to one-ton truck or dually. If the vehicles are not available, it can be delivered.

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