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From Sea to Shining Sea

Most companies with national or regional footprints covering multiple job sites and facilities prefer renting equipment and tools from a business that parallels their locations and has the inventory of equipment needed to complete the jobs.

LocationsSize and location are factors that contribute to a business relationship, consistency of service, support and equipment knowledge also determines whether you have the right equipment that operates as expected and is delivered on time across multiple locations.

While size can achieve certain economies of scale, it also brings vulnerabilities when management, financial and communications systems are not consistent across an organization.

Only rental companies with national training programs that bake-in customer service and repair consistency at all locations can manage to serve large customers from multiple locations with the same understanding of customers’ needs while providing systematic service.

Rental companies with the financial ability to periodically re-fleet with reliable late-model equipment from a variety of manufacturers also have the ability to assure customers that they will have familiar, quality and reliable equipment delivered to their locations.

Rental businesses dedicated to cultivating a responsive and integrated operating system to address customer needs and concerns at local, regional and national levels can work shoulder to shoulder with regional and coast-to-coast companies.

Neff Rental, with 66 branches in 14 states coast to coast, provides quality rental equipment to national and regional construction, industrial, golf course development, and oil and natural gas drilling companies. For more information about Neff Rental, visit, or call 888-709-NEFF.