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Construction on a building interior

When performing construction jobs on a building interior, particular equipment can be used to improve workers’ efficiency and accelerate the time that it takes to complete tasks.

interiorPlumbing, electrical, mechanical / HVAC, and fire suppression system installers use scissor lifts to reach ceilings and perform their work. Scissor lifts offer several advantages over ladders and scaffolding:

  • Space: the aerial platform has room for tools and building materials and, typically, two people (or up to 500lbs).
  • Stability: The platform’s risers can support pipes, ducts and conduit, providing the operators extra lift leverage.
  • Convenient: Most scissor lifts have 110v plugs near the platform controls that can power electric tools.
  • Safe: The bottom-heavy scissor lifts and the heavy-gauge structural steel used in manufacturing ensure that the platforms are steady and the units are safe to operate.
  • Saves time: Scaffolding and ladders must be continually repositioned, whereas scissor lifts are driven to a new position without the operator having to step out of the lift.
  • Compact: Most scissor lifts can fit through standard doorways.

When laying concrete floors inside of buildings, skid steers are used to level the ground, graders smooth the ground’s surface and more precisely bring it to the proper level. Power buggies are convenient for hauling concrete to confined areas and precision dumping. After the concrete is poured, a power screed levels the wet concrete, and a trowel is used to smooth the finish. When the concrete is cured, a floor saw cuts pathways, and a chipping hammer attached to a compressor carves out sections of concrete to install plumbing pipes and electrical conduit.

When framing interiors, reach forklifts pick up, move and lift bundles of wood and metal framing, and drywall around the job site and place it inside a building. The scissor lift is used again to attach support framing to ceilings, as well as to install and finish drywall. Painters also use scissor lifts and single-man lifts to paint areas that extended rollers cannot reach.

When you are planning your next building interior job, call Neff Rental to rent the equipment that you need to complete your project. The closest Neff Rental branch can be found online at, or by calling 888-709-NEFF.

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