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4 Factors to Consider When Selecting a Rental Company

When weighing the decision of which equipment rental company to use for your next construction project, consider these business and practical factors before making a decision.

ChecklistAvailability: Is the equipment available and ready to rent? In this active construction market, rental companies are experiencing strong equipment utilization. Equipment is continually moving through the phases of coming off rent, being serviced, then leaving the yard for the next customer. While last-minute equipment needs do arise, reserving equipment several days, if not a couple of weeks, in advance of when it is needed helps ensure on-time delivery.

Selection: While you are an expert in your field, long-time equipment rental representatives are knowledgeable about equipment types and capabilities. Talk to your rep about the equipment’s intended use. Sometimes, reps can offer more cost-effective equipment solutions that save time and rental expenses.

24/7 On-site Repair: From time to time, equipment will need on-site repair. How quickly and when maintenance can be performed depends on the local rental business’s commitment to customer service. Ask your rental rep whether their business provides 24/7 services. Also, ask whether someone from the local branch, a voice recording or a call center will answer your call for service after regular business hours.

Maintenance: Another factor that can influence your decision is equipment maintenance cycles, which affect performance. Rental companies that use computerized records and regularly maintain equipment at manufacturer-recommended standards also tend to provide operationally reliable equipment.

Getting the right equipment for the job, delivered on time and fully serviced, directly affects your overall job site performance. Starting work when scheduled and receiving impeccable service during your rental will keep your job on track and on budget.

At Neff Rental we can provide you the equipment you want, when you want it, all while providing exceptional service. Ask your Neff Rental sales representative about renting equipment for your next project.  For more information contact Neff Rental or call us at 888-709-6333. We are ready to assist you with your equipment needs.