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The Easy Way to Prepare for Labor Day

LampPost Banner FlagLabor Day is the perfect time to celebrate the end of summer. As you know, this holiday is often marked by outdoor events like cook-outs, parades, concerts and other fun activities. With the holiday just around the corner, it is time to get ready now. If you run a business or manage events for a municipality, here are a few tips that will make your life easier as you prepare for the festivities.

Holiday Décor

Festive, holiday-themed decorations are a great way to get customers in a celebratory mood. Whether you plan to hang banners inside of your retail store or decorate the outside of your town or city hall building, you will definitely find yourself in need of some specialized equipment to get the job done safely.

For indoor decorations, an electric scissor lift is an excellent tool for hanging banners or speakers on a wall. Scissor lifts are a safer and a more convenient alternative to a ladder because it is more stable and it allows you to safely bring small items with you up to 33’. If you need to get even higher, electric boom lifts will help you reach up and over small obstacles and they have a maximum height of 50’.

For outdoor decorations,use a dual fuel scissor because it is more stable when placed on top of dirt or grass. Or use an all-terrain boom lift to reach a location from more of an angle. With a higher range of up to 135’ and more stability, this equipment is the best choice for hanging decorations outside on a lamp post or on those not so easy to reach places.


Once the building has been decorated, it will be time to prepare for any outdoor or community events that will be held there. To ensure that you have enough power to operate speakers, lights, and food stands, you may need a generator. Generators come in various sizes in both diesel and gas and will provide a reliable source of power for your outdoor or indoor Labor Day Festivities. Celebrating after dark? Think about renting a light tower to make sure your site is well lit and as always, your guests are safe!

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