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Rockwood Color Pigment and Services Plant

Construction began in late 2014 near Augusta, GA., on one of the world’s most technologically advanced facilities that provided a consistent supply of high-quality color pigments to exterior paint and concrete customers throughout North America.

Costing about $115 million, the facility was the first new synthetic iron oxide pigments production plant to be built in the United States in about 35 years.

Site clearing started with tree removal, and land clearing and leveling with a dozer, while the plant’s foundation was dug with an excavator supplemented by a backhoe and skid steer. The contractor used a four-inch trash pump to dewater the foundation area after some rain. A vibrating roller was used to compact the fill and prep the building pad for the cement pour.

As the plant’s walls were erected, the processing portion of the facility was installed. Pipefitters used a 400 amp dual welder, scissor lifts, straight and articulating boom lifts, a 5K industrial forklift and a light tower to install weld and install support structures and stainless steel pipes.

To install processing tanks and pipes, another company rented 60-foot boom lifts, a 10K reach forklift and a carry deck crane.

The painting and insulation contractors also used boom lifts and scissor lifts to reach those out of reach, high places.

As the project neared completion, the site contractor used a dozer to grade the parking lot. A landscaping company used a backhoe and three-yard loader to install trees and shrubs. The plant began operations in 2016.

Neff Rental’s Augusta, GA, plant rented equipment to contractors for site clearing, foundation preparation, pipe installation and insulation, painting and landscaping for the manufacturing plant’s construction. When planning to bid on a manufacturing plant or any other construction project, call the closest Neff Rental branch at 888-709-NEFF, or visit .